Von Wegen – Searching for Fontane’s Brandenburg

A mobile play about home and mobility

The 21st century demands great mobility and flexibility in both the public and private spheres: the places where people live and work no longer automatically coincide, especially in rural areas. How does this affect our understanding of home? How does home take place at all?

Foto ©Fabienne Huth

“Von Wegen – auf der Suche nach Fontane’s Brandenburg” is a mobile play that traces Fontane’s ideas of home and mobility. Based on selected texts from the “Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg” – a text that has shaped the “home” of Brandenburg like no other – and some novels of the author, FRITZAHOI! develops a play that is performed at different stations in the Barnimer Land as well as during the ride in an old double-decker bus. How does it live and work in Brandenburg? Do social networks work? Are there any signs of globalisation in rural areas?

The audience follows in Fontane’s footsteps and explores real and fictitious places and stories of the “Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg”.

Christoph Morais Fortmann, Julia Fiebelkorn, Maru Susanne Horning, Natasha Jaffe, Sophie Roeder, Liam Maria Wustrack

Performances on 2/3/4/9/10/11 August 2019, Finow – Schiffmühle – Altranft – Eberswalde
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Maximum number of participants: 30 persons

in presale 25,- €/12,- € reduced
box office 28,- €/15,- € reduced

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