Don’t Cry, Work!

Documentary Musical Theatre

The lecture performance “Don’t Cry, Work!” takes a critical look at today’s concept of work and its transformation. Work takes up our lives – even if we don’t have it. Texts from counsellors, job interviews, company websites and management guides are dramatically reproduced verbatim and carried to their extremes, thus highlighting the absurdity of the working society. Live music propels the game forward, while the characters blow up the scenery. Who will be the first to run out of air?

Maru Horning, Madlen Meyer, Peter Retzlaff, Sophie Roeder

Marius Eilbrecht (drums, guitar), Sina Schmidt (vocals),
Robin Schreiber (Keyboard)

Sina Schmidt

Barbara Lenartz

Jorgen Eyrich, Sophia Schützler

Lukas Pirl

Kristin Fabig, Sina Schmidt, Sophia Schützler

Press and Public Relations
Kristin Fabig, Sina Schmidt

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13/14.10.2017, 7:30pm in each case, Spartacus Potsdam, Friedrich-Engels-Str. 22,14473 Potsdam
29.09.2017, 8pm, Kulturbühne in the Friedrich-Reinsch-Haus, Milanhorst 9,14478 Potsdam
23.09.2017, 7 and 8pm, Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum, Dortustr. 46,14467 Potsdam, Germany

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