Documentary Music Theatre


For some it’s an unmanageable jumble of rules and laws, for others it’s the greatest achievement since the existence of systems of government: bureaucracy. “Deskocracy” deals with exactly this topic looking both at the pros and cons of bureaucracy, taking the audience inside the system with a walk-in installation. Genuine admin and legal texts form the basis of the scenes, which are contrasted with music of singer-songwriter project Queen Sacrifice. As part of the one-year anniversary of the Kunst- und Kreativhaus Rechenzentrum, this immersive musical theatre piece of FRITZAHOI!, Uniater e. V. and Queen Sacrifice could be experienced in the former offices of the Brandenburg IT service provider ZIT-BB on 23, 24 and 25 September 2016.

Pablo Bader, Kristin Fabig, Konstantin Käfer,
Annemarie Kleinert, Sophie Roeder, Robin Schreiber

Nathan Vanderpool, Julia Fiebelkorn,
Thilo Kühne, Francesco de Rosa, Sina Schmidt

Musical Direction
Nathan Vanderpool

Sina Schmidt

Assistant Director
Kristin Fabig

Barbara Lenartz

Teresa Ciuffoletti

Jorgen Eyrich

Sophia Schützler

Premiere: 23.09.2016